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Project Development Process
Requiment Analysis

From experience we know that creation of a visual prototype of the future solution (GUI, look and feel, real controls and navigation) at the requirements gathering stage is an effective practice. Its purpose is to let the customer “feel” the future solution and probably adjust the requirements at the very beginning.
While our information gathering doesn't result in a comprehensive plan, it is all-encompassing. We make sure we have all the business information we need at the start so we can be strategic in the decisions we make going forward. We have learned what we need to plan and what we don't, and now we have guidelines about what needs to be in place for a project to start successfully.


Identifying application requirements can sound basic, but it takes a lot of experience, education and hands-on know-how to build the best technology platform for a desired outcome. Our team is on the cutting-edge of today’s technology and prepared to design custom framework, APIs, and system tools that best fit your design. Let us help you determine the quickest adoption and most intuitive user experience for your brand.

Architecture & Design

One particular issue we address in this process is architecture and design. A strong expertise in this area not only reduces the costs of complex enterprise applications, but also diminishes the risk of choosing an architecture or implementing a design that are not the most suitable. In this phase of the development process, our experienced software consultants can assist you with:

Studies for software systems
Conceptualization of the software system
Application design
Process optimization through implementation of software systems


A proper development methodology is one of the fundamental preconditions of receiving quality software. Depending on project objectives, complexity level and customer specific requirements we select the most suitable methods to deliver faster and better results.
If you are replacing an existing system, implenting a new system or want to integrate existing systems our skilled technicians have experience in all areas. Our developers work with precision and acute attention to detail ensuring that your software reflects your organisation. We differentiate our software outsourcing model from other 'software factories' on the basis of close interaction with the client. While other software companies have little coupling with clients because specifications are 'thrown over the wall', our offshore software development model is interactive and is based on a global team concept where few team members or client IT staff works with end customer to define requirements, review prototypes and manage scope changes.


Each phase of testing has a different emphasis and purpose. Different phases of software testing help us to evaluate different work products of software starting at the lowest (smallest) possible item, and work towards testing the entire system as a whole (include business processes where applicable). Testing phase in a software development life cycle (SDLC) is considered as the most important phase of a project. A complete white box testing to meet industry standards and black box testing to meet functional requirements are done before the products are moved to the next phase. Unit testing, component testing, system testing, system integration testing, performance testing and load testing are a snapshot of few types of testing that are done on products. Nanoglint QA & testing Centre of Excellence (COE) has developed matured process that will drive agile development projects. The methodologies are robust to prevent any defect leakage. Test driven approach is emphasized on most projects that are executed.


Our mobile application maintenance services extend to serve all the platforms which make apps like Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry. Our 360 degree knowledge on mobile apps provides you efficient and convenient results for your mobile apps development. We have optimized tools that foster all kind of app maintenance.We also are premium provider of hi-tech mobile apps development in the market. So you can come up with new ideas and our developers owe to implement them into apps.

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